Lead your company through tough times using Clinton's unique brand of leadership!Few understand better than Hillary Clinton what it's like to fight uphill battles. Yet, despite her uncanny tendency to draw fire, she has achieved remarkable success, working her way up from first lady to U.S. Secretary of State. How did she do this? By fully leveraging her brilliant and unique leadership skills.Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton examines Clinton's leadership techniques and explains how to get results by putting them to work in your own environment. Rebecca Shambaugh breaks down Clinton's powerful leadership style into easy-to-understand parts, each of which is imperative for successfully leading an organization through periods of intense change. Among Clinton's most effective traits are her abilities to:Continuously learn and growStay optimistic in tough timesBe adaptive while remaining authenticConnect with diverse peopleAppeal to both hearts and mindsShambaugh also includes lessons from other great leaders in history, whom Clinton has cited as instrumental to her own leadership development.Ask Hillary Clinton and she'll tell you that being a great leader isn't about winning or losing. It's about stepping back, scrutinizing your environment, and having the courage to reinvent yourself along the way. Clinton's savvy and strategic leadership approach spelled out in Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton is exactly what business leaders need to succeed today.

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