It s due time that men get it in their heads that they just cannot go around raping women to simply satisfy their sexual needs. Women must be respected... even if they go around half-naked, or naked for that matter. No man has the right to touch them in any way whatsoever. Women, after having been ruthlessly subjugated for so many years, have proven themselves to be much more than a sex symbol and if men continue abusing them sexually, then there has to-must-be a law to severely punish them for committing their atrocities. It hurts to be abused, to have something precious wrenched away from you and so viciously, and then to hear the rapist, the sexist violator, say that you provoked it because your dress or skirt was too short or your décolletage was too open. Men have to understand from now on that an end must be put to this barbaric, animalistic stance imposed by them on women. This intolerable act of raping can t go on any longer. It has to stop-some-body has to put a stopping not only to it but also to the aggression, physical and mental bashing, humiliation, and insults inflicted on women.

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