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Fire Walking is the story of three ordinary young men who, on a day like any other, decided to venture into one of the most unexplored and remote places on earth – the Mitre peninsula, the southeastern tip of Tierra del Fuego. In this book, the author, in a lively and captivating style, delves into the details of an on-foot expedition that took place in the southern latitude autumn of 2005, to an absolutely inaccessible spot with no roads or settlements, which seems to have solitude as its only inhabitant. During this journey of over five hundred kilometers, the young explorers came face to face with natural barriers - icy rivers, thick forests and steep mountains - which put their bravery, tenacity, fitness and, above all, mental strength to the test.  With over thirty kilograms on their backs, aided only by a compass and some maps, and without any logistical support, they travelled along the wildest shores of this island at the end of the earth.  Fire Walking is not just another chronicle of a journey; this is a story where the author, in a rich and enjoyable fashion, weaves the adventures of this expedition with the stories of other men and women who once ventured into the region or settled in these lands in the past - sailors, missionaries, eccentric fortune-seekers, natives and unknown adventurers. The story is enriched, from beginning to end, by the emotions and feelings that pervade the writing, giving a touching testimony of the author’s deep and unconditional love for the virgin and wild nature of Patagonia. 

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