Throughout the globe, countless authors, scholars, experts, and television personalities have advocated the benefits of positive thinking. These individuals insist that everyone should remain optimistic and positive focusing their attention on the desirable implications of undesirable events while repeating positive aphorisms to themselves, like I am a likeable person . Positive thinking is helpful but only in the individuals who are especially happy, confident, and secure anyway. For most citizens, these deliberate attempts to think positively often compromise their wellbeing in the future. This book firstly explores the latest discoveries in this field, demonstrating the perils of positive thinking and the causes of these problems. For example, when individuals attempt to think positively, they become more attuned to their doubts and concerns, which ultimately damages their self esteem. Secondly, this book presents an alternative approach, validated by recent scientific advances. Specifically, individuals are more likely to enjoy a meaningful, fulfilling life to feel vibrant and content if positive thoughts are evoked spontaneously and effortlessly rather than deliberately and unnaturally. This book presents a series of techniques, practices, and insights that, over time, elicit these pleasant thoughts, naturally and frequently. This books is applicable to anyone whose attempts to improve their wellbeing were not as successful as they had hoped. Furthermore, this book presents innovative insights to support managers, psychologists, coaches, counselors, and human resource professionals.

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  • Editorial: MARIA ÀNGELS V
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  • Edición: 2009
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN 9788499374407

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