It shows how a person can become their own personal life coach. This book will wake you up and make you aware that the human side of you, your ego, is causing most of your problems and you do not know it. Remember the saying “We are our own worst enemy”. The enemy is the human side of us. We need to go to the next level, the being level, the level of who we really are. The whole idea is about not having the human side of you, the ego, in charge of your life. Everything in life has an opposite, i.e. hot and cold, east and west, up and down, etc. The human side of us has, and is, committing mental and physical violence against itself and others! It must be stopped for the human race to survive. You, I, we are a perfect spiritual being having a human experience called life and not the other way around. A human having a spiritual experience once in a while is called a miracle. If God created us in its own image and God is perfect, then we are also perfect, at a being level, having a human experience called life. Experiences can be changed all the time.

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  • Edición: 2014
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