If your child is starting life in college, there's a surprise around every corner... But that doesn't mean you can't be prepared! The Naked Roommate: For Parents Only is a witty and wise guide to everything you need to know about the college experience. Harlan Cohen, America's most trusted college life expert, delivers the best advice, facts, stats, tips, and stories from parents, students, and experts across the country to ensure that you and your child will have an incredible and meaningful college experience. The Summer Before What, when, and how to prepare The emotional roller coaster Calling, Texting, and Facebooking New ways to keep in touch How much is too much To A or Not to B Professors, grades, and actually going to class When to step in (and when not to) Paying the Bills Financial aid tricks and tips Budgets, books, and the best campus jobs The First Few Months Move-in, roommates, and homesickness What not to do when you're missing them Keeping Them Safe Drinking, partying, and other things your kid might not be doing Knowing your campus support resources HARLAN COHEN is the author of The Naked Roommate , the bestselling student guide to college life, and Dad's Pregnant Too. His advice column Help Me, Harlan! is distributed by King Features Syndicate. He is a speaker who has visited more than four hundred college campuses. Visit www.NakedRoommateForParents.com Visit Harlan at www.HelpMeHarlan.com

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