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Wild , wonderful, and wickedly funny...Highly recommended. -&#160Library Journal One of five men could be Sam Callahan's father. Is knowing the truth worth the havoc he'll cause trying to find out?Laid low by divorce-the result of an endless stream of poor choices-Sam decides it's time he met his dad. But his quest to meet the men and discover the truth does more than just shake up the five likely suspects-it pretty much napalms the lives of everyone he meets. A comic novel of dysfunctional family and raucous debauchery, fans of Nick Hornby, Jack Kerouac, Tom Robbins, Larry McMurtry, Joseph Heller, Kurt Vonnegut, Carl Hiaasen will appreciate Sandlin's humor and Sam's journey. Other books in Tim Sandlin's GroVant Trilogy: Skipped Parts, Book 1 Sorrow Floats, Book 2 Social Blunders, Book 3Lydia, Book 4What readers are saying about Social Blunders:one of the funniest writers alive.I am a huge fan of Nick Hornby and Richard Russo, and Tim Sandlin belongs in their club.Besides being hilarious and lewd (a very good start), the novel is quite touching.Sandlin's narrative voice combines the absurdity of Tom Robbins, the pithy social observation of Douglas Coupland, the male sexual wanderlust of Phillip Roth.Rollicking raunchy raucous debaucherous dysfunctional good time fun-- with genuine heart and emotion mixed in for good measureabsolutely hysterical and touching. I haven't looked at treadmills the same way since!What reviewers are saying about Social Blunders:A story of grand faux pas and dazzling dysfunction...a wildly satirical look at the absurdities of modern life. -The New York Times Book ReviewRibald... comic and bawdy...oddly effective blend of flippancy and compassion. -Publishers WeeklyTim Sandlin only gets better. Social Blunders is an affecting book...It is fiction to be savored. -Larry McMurtryA weird, funny, raunchy novel that veers wildly from pathos to slapstick and back again, and it's surprisingly effective. -BooklistWhat everyone is saying about Tim Sandlin:Tim Sandlin's stuff is as tight and funny as anyone doing this comedy novel thing. -Christopher Moore His prose, his characters, all amazing.A story of grand faux pas and dazzling dysfunction...a wildly satirical look at the absurdities of modern life. -The New York Times Book Review

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