The Seven Serpents Trilogy


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Includes all Three Books: The Captive The Feathered Serpent The Amethyst Ring What would you do if everyone thought you were a god? Young Julia&#x0301&#769n Escobar is traveling to the New World to spread the gospel to the newly discovered Mayan Empire when a hurricane strikes his ship, scattering its contents to the four winds and leaving Julian as the sole survivor. After struggling ashore, he encounters a young Mayan woman who is shocked at his presence. Soon he learns why. Centuries ago the fair-skinned Mayan god Kukulca&#x0301&#769n&#151the Feathered Serpent&#151sailed away with the promise that one day he would return. With his very life at stake, Julia&#x0301&#769n does the unimaginable: he begins to impersonate this returned god. PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY: Spellbinding...unforgettable adventure. KIRKUS REVIEWS: Swift and stunning, inevitable and unexpected. NEW YORK TIMES: There's no better introduction to the rich and remote Mayan culture than through such a well-told tale. SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL: Julia&#x0301&#769n's transformation from insecure human seminarian to pretend god [is] remarkable. This exciting collector's edition contains all three books in the Seven Serpents Trilogy: The Captive, The Feathered Serpent and The Amethyst Ring.

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  • Editorial: SOURCEBOOKS
  • Paginas: 560
  • Edición: 2009
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN 9781402249143

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