Terror In The Sun

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Brucena looked up, and, as she did so, Iain Huntley's lips took possession and held her captive. For a moment she felt nothing, not even surprise. But then as the man's arms tightened, her lips were suddenly soft beneath the insistence of his. Something warm and infinitely marvelous crept up her body. It was so perfect, so unlike anything she had ever felt or known before.Iain Huntley raised his head and said in a voice it was hard to recognize:"My darling! My sweet! I have adored you for so long...""I love you," Brucena whispered and her voice quivered, "but I had not realized it was love."Suddenly Iain was tossing her again, kissing her with long, slow passionate kisses, kisses that seemed to draw her very heart from her body and make it his....

  • Formato: EPUB
  • Protección: Adobe DRM
  • Limitaciones: Copiar y Pegar: Prohibido / Imprimir: Prohibido
  • Editorial: M-YBOOKS
  • Paginas: 245
  • Edición: 2015
  • Idioma: Portugués
  • ISBN 9781782136132

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