A Serpent Of Satan


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The Earl thought that the room had suddenly been lit with a thousand candles as Ophelia's eyes met his.With a little murmur she moved towards him and hid her face against his shoulder."I must be dreaming," she whispered. "I did not even...dare to pray that you wdould...love me."The Earl turned her face up to his."When we have a little more time, I will tell you exactly how much I care."He bent his head as he spoke and his lips found hers. He could not imagine that any woman's mouth could be so soft, so yeilding and yet so exciting.And for Ophelia it was as if he filled the whold world, the earth and the sky, and she knew this was the moment she had been waiting for."I...love you. I love you," she whispered.The Earl gazed at her reverently.

  • Formato: EPUB
  • Protección: Adobe DRM
  • Limitaciones: Copiar y Pegar: Prohibido / Imprimir: Prohibido
  • Editorial: M-YBOOKS
  • Paginas: 245
  • Edición: 2015
  • Idioma: Portugués
  • ISBN 9781782136118

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