This Is Love

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When the spirited young Lady Athina Ling was forced to stay the night at a Posting Inn, she heard the screams of a small boy being savagely beaten by Lord Brunham, his stepfather. She vowed to rescue the child woefully mistreated, and very early next morning she takes him to his uncle's manor house. The Marquess of Rockingdale was excessively attractive -- Society's spoiled and notorious darling. Too much so -- Queen Victoria would appoint him her Master of the Horse only if he married... or at the very least, produced a fiancée. Athina agreed to the masquerade for the boy's sake, but when they joined forces to defy a desperate enemy, a charade of Love became genuine -- Heaven's truest Gift of Bliss....

  • Formato: EPUB
  • Protección: Adobe DRM
  • Limitaciones: Copiar y Pegar: Prohibido / Imprimir: Prohibido
  • Editorial: M-YBOOKS
  • Paginas: 102
  • Edición: 2015
  • Idioma: Español
  • ISBN 9781782135463

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