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I am the Sophian Theoretical Kabbalist, a former member of the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter-Day Saints under the attributes of the Three Maggid and Sages, José Miguel Báez, Yuyah Mika El Ben Shimon and Hrodrik von Hess, the Adam and the man that was concealed and hidden within the Divine Form of Divine Androgyny (G-d), which contains all the lights of all the innumerous Kosmos. I welcome all humanity to read my sacred scrolls but when you enter into the temple where I am high priest, scribe, sage and a Sumerian Magi in the Ziggurat of Heaven leave behind your prejudices and your fundamental and literal religious orthodoxies and come in with an open mind and heart exposed to the infinite divine light that emanates from within me in the form of the arcane sciences and wisdom. Hermes Ter Maximus, the Orion and Pleiades Sage of Sages

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