Purification In The Prophecy. The Purgatory


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The work of Dr. Argimiro Ruano on Escathology truly impacted me. And when I read his Cuadernos de Teología Pastoral / Notebooks about Pastoral Theology, I decided to base my doctoral thesis on them, especially on the topic of Biblical Escathology, which has caught the attention and attracted the interest of readers not only of Christian readers, but of everyone who seek knowledge about the hereafter , about what takes place after death. In accordance with Robero Fernández Valladares, Professor at the University of Puerto Rico, this work is essential to learn the theological and biblical foundation regarding Purgatory as well as Martin Luther s thoughts about this doctrine . Dr. Fernández also states: The analysis of faith and of purification by faith is one of the best parts of the book, above all the explanation of these two principles: believing to have been justified is not to be justified and faith does not justify, but the grace that comes from faith […]. This is a fundamental book for every believer as well as for pastoral leaders in our communities (El Visitante de Puerto Rico / Puerto Rico s Visitor, Oct. 19, 1991, p. 19).

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