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The Original Energy Theory; Photogenesis In this book the author Elier Eng addresses the most controversial question of humanity: The origin of the universe and the origin of life. Elier Eng introduces The Photogenesis Theory establishing that the universe derived from embryonic cold, compressed photons which were trillions, trillions and trillions of times more energetic than the actual photons. Through Photogenesis procedure a mutual generation between photons and electrons, the extreme energetic photons were multiplied, vibrated intensely and warmed up. Then they commenced to unwind, stretch and rotate, extending their wavelength. The energy formation broke down; the electric and magnetic components turned to perpendicular each other forming the electromagnetic field. Photons flied out with the speed of light. Since then and forever, the most fundamental element, the tiniest, ironically no weights no charge photon through Photogenesis procedure constitute every existence of the entire universe. The author probes deeper about every aspect of the electromagnetic and gravitational forces, radiation and temperature, mass and spacetime, kinetic and potential energy , expansion and inflation, singularity and black holes, life formation and the fate of the universe, reaching the conclusion that everything derived from the partnership of photons and electrons through Photogenesis. The Original Energy rules the universe. Being an ophthalmologist, the autodidactic author for years has study astrophysics and astronomy. He considers that the humanity should join together peacefully to inhabit the space where the resources are endless! Make peace not pieces!.

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