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Taking the beauty of Jesus out of our church buildings and into the world Church buildings are important. They give us a place where we can gather, but ultimately they re just buildings. They re not the real church. We are. Our impact shouldn t end when we walk out the doors of the church. That is the moment that it should begin. Christianity to Go shows you how to let God transform your life into something so beautiful you can t help but attract people, inspiring you to go out into the world and shine. God wants to point to us and say, Look what I ve done with him, with her, and with them! I ve restored them. No, they aren t perfect yet, but someday they will be. Look at their beauty! I m so proud they re Mine! Jesus makes us beautiful by clothing us with love, joy, and spiritual strength. Get up and leave the building. People are waiting for you to show them your beauty because your beauty points them to Jesus.

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