Actually, suicidal persons don´t want to die, they just want to stop living the way they have been up to now. People who suffer intensely and think about taking their life are experiencing a severe depression and high degree of hopelessness and confusion which darken and limit their vision of life. It is a perspective that only allows them to see death as the solution to heal the suffering their existence has become. Joseluis Canales (Dado) reveals in this book that suicide is not the only solution to pain. The text provides a searing reflection on this tragic subject while offering perspectives to overcome it. This expert on psychotrauma delicately unpacks the intricacies of the act so that those with a suicidal risk can begin to heal their pain and see the life options before them options which right now seem unassailable. Dado accomplishes, through intelligent and thought-provoking arguments, an intimacy with readers who may be dealing with this life crisis, to help them find an escape from the haziness and confusion enveloping them. My dream, my hope behind all this work, is that this book falls into the hands of someone that s considering suicide as the only way out from the hell they are suffering. This person may be you, and perhaps by reading this book you can overcome the existential crisis you are living through, and your life can go on. My fantasy is that someone at suicidal risk unable to imagine that this suffering can be left behind, decides to seek help…Maybe, just maybe, this book can save one life. That life may be yours and because of that and nothing else, it will have been worth it to write this book Dado

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  • Edición: 2013
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN 9781463364809

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