Mexico: The Genesis Of Its Political Decomposition


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At the beginning of the 21st century, only a few can deny that the Mexican State is in full decline, as there exist axioms of political theory that show it, and economic indicators that confirm it. In addition, recent sociological studies agree in explaining the substantial loss of values in the present generation. The breakdown of the presidential institution, which still serves as the supreme organ because of its constitutional powers, is evident. Mexico: The Genesis of its Political Decomposition (Miguel Alemán Valdés: 1936 to 1952) was written with theoretical rigor, and at the same time, directed and supported by the renowned Dr. Luis Javier Garrido. In this text, the reader will find the origin of political decomposition in Mexico, and the various causes which have led to its structural degeneration. In content, you will comprehend the two most important political cycles in the life of this nation: the first, governed by the post-revolutionary military presidents, and the second, the one which started with Miguel Alemán Valdés, considered as the civilian governments.

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