What Is God Like? And What Is Man?


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What we know about God, our Father and Creator of the Universe at least in the western world is what the Catholic Church has taught us about him. However, as revealed in this book through the thoughts and concepts emanating from the Universal Mind itself, it is clear that the church has no idea with regard to God s divine nature, let alone with regard to his true personality, hopes, needs and desires simply because the church is based on the Aristotelian version of Greek philosophy, which deals with a stoic, self-satisfied God who cannot engage in any another activity other than thinking and is unable to feel and desire, because feeling and desiring are imperfections and God is perfect. Moreover, he cannot think about anything other than himself. But if God is mere thought and does not involve feelings, then how is God able to love us? If God is mere thought and has no willpower, then how is it that things were created? Therefore, this stoic God concept contradicts reason. We have also been told that God is represented by the Holy Trinity, which is comprised by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and that the entire universe sprouts from his Divine Mind. Thus, God the Father is the Universal Mind. If God creates everything as an act of love and love is a feeling pertaining to the soul, then his divine soul is God the Son, as claimed in this phrase: I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me , in other words, through love. We have been told that things are created as a result of God s will, and also that the Holy Spirit is God s performing power. Then, the Holy Spirit, that is, God s spirit, is the performing will. Therefore, God is the Mind, Soul and Performing Power all three of them universal. If God created man exactly like him, in his image and likeness, and endowed man with the same attributes of eternal life, freedom, understanding affectivity and willpower, then man is none other than a mind, soul and spirit, just like his Father and Creator. Man is a God, though still undergoing a developmental process, because man, like God, is a triune being.

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