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What To Do Instead Of Giving UpWould You Like to Have a Jesus-Style Victorious Life?Take a candid look at perseverance as one of the seven components to the cycle of success presented by author Wes Daughenbaugh.He explains that, while dependence on God is the first and most important step toward success, perseverance brings great victory.Each chapter gives different tactics and practical principles of perseverance by seeking God and learning to obey Him.By reading this book, you will be able to spot areas in your life where you are allowing success to be drained away. Then you will know how to apply perseverance as a troubleshooter to these areas.A helpful appendix provides a quick reference to the twelve principles of perseverance and to be used as a guide in using them for different obstacles.About the Author Wes Daughenbaugh is a veteran soul-winner with thirty-four years in full-time ministry. He is an anointed communicator known for his sweet spirit and ability to make profound truths simple to understand. A tangible, fiery anointing flows through his hands as the Holy Spirit wills, which has resulted in hundreds of baptisms in the Holy Spirit and physical healings. Wes graduated from Eugene Bible College in Oregon and is ordained with the Assemblies of God. He and his wife, Bonnie, have tow daughters and two grandsons.For more information visit the Web site:

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