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Who would have ever known that my innocence would be taken away from me at age five. That for the next 35 years, I would live every day anxiously awaiting the end, struggling to escape this prison and continually wondering what I did wrong to get here. How could I have known that my precious baby, finally, someone who would love me back would grow to love me too much, pushing me away from her. How did my life become her problem? And finally, how could I have known that God would use all of my life s trauma to restore me unto himself, that I might understand His divine plan for my existence. My prayer for you is that you not only understand creation and your purpose in this divine occurrence, but more importantly, you come to know your creator (God), his son Jesus Christ and his very nature in the person of the Holy Spirit. That your life may be transformed through Him and that when He calls you home, he might say, Well done, thy good and faithful servant . I trust that the insights and revelations in this book will serve as a source of understanding, forgiveness and healing for your lives; that you will discover the incredible life that God has for you and that your life will be transformed through Him. That you will finally understand, Why You !

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  • Editorial: CHARISMA HOUSE
  • Edición: 2012
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN 9781616388256

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