Spiritual Secrets To A Healthy Heart


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Learn to adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle, address mental health issues and depression, manage negative emotions, and practice forgiveness. We have a tendency to look at ourselves as separate parts that are fit together to make one unit, much like a jigsaw puzzle. With that mind-set, we approach our health (and even life itself) in a fragmented way. I see my doctor for the physical piece of me, I attend a worship service for the spiritual piece of me, and I might go to the spa or practice yoga to benefit the mental and emotional piece of me. But really we are nothing at all like jigsaw puzzles. We are actually more like clay. Clay is made up of a variety of substances, but these separate components blend smoothly into one homogeneous substance. And the Bible confirms this. The apostle Paul describes us as earthen vessels (2 Cor. 4:7). What affects one part of our being (whether the spiritual, physical, mental or emotional), indeed affects our entire being. Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart is a book about the heart, the physical heart, and the health of the heart. Using the analogy of clay as a backdrop, it examines the issue of heart disease with the understanding that our physical health is inextricably linked to our spiritual, mental, and emotional health.

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