There is no question that every person will have a dream at one point or another. Some will even have visions. But both experiences often leave people searching for interpretations. What did the dream mean? Is it a warning? Is it advice? Is it preparation for things to come? In this book, best-selling author Perry Stone will answer these questions and cover topics such as:The purpose of dreams and the revelations they bringWhy dreams use symbolism and why they aren t simple and plainLearning to listen to your partner s dreams and warningsWhy some dreams are delayed in coming to passThe significance of nightmares and dirty dreamsTrue dreams versus false dreamsThe difference between psychic voices and prophetic voicesWhat it means when you dream of a departed loved oneWhat it means when you have the same dream more than onceThe possibility of a warning dream being changed through prayerThe book will also include an extensive list of symbols found in dreams and will discuss what it means when you find these object in your dreams:Doors, oil, and lampsAnimals such as bulls, cattle, pigs, swine, snakes, and birdsTrees and rocksWind, water, ocean, fire, tornadoes, earthquakes, lightning, and stormsFields, wheat, and flowersSwords, arrows, and chainsVarious food items

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  • Editorial: CHARISMA HOUSE
  • Edición: 2011
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN 9781616384265

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