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At the age of sixteen, Rom Siquijor started having recurrent dreams of diving into the depths of an unfathomable mysterious Peruvian lake in pursuit of recovering a lost forbidden ancient manuscript deposited at the lake floor. In 2005, in quest to understand the meaning of his dreams, he flew to Cuzco, Peru. He stayed at a town called Ollantaytambo. Alone and not knowing what to look for, he just let his spirit drift him and followed the path of his instincts. One day, at a neighboring town called Urubamba, he learned about the controversial Prophecy of the Inca Kings called Inkari and realized that this was the sacred manuscript he was long searching for. There, he started piecing-up the puzzles of his visions --- and so was the birth of this story.

  • Formato: EPUB
  • Limitaciones: Copiar y Pegar: Permitido / Imprimir: Permitido
  • Paginas: 164
  • Edición: 2012
  • Idioma: Español
  • ISBN 9781617648724

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