Transform purchasing operations from reactive to proactive supply managementWritten for purchasing managers, Proactive Purchasing in the Supply Chain reveals how to use the latest and best procurement practices to help your organization maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of its supply chain. The ability of purchasing to dramatically increase return on investment, reduce costs, improve quality, and shorten time to market is highlighted throughout this practical guide.Essential topics such as legal issues, green purchasing, negotiation, ethics, price-cost analysis, production-inventory control, purchasing risk management, sourcing, and demand-logistics management are addressed. Real-world case studies in each chapter demonstrate the strategies presented in the book. A detailed planning model for implementing these world-class procurement methods is also contained in this definitive resource.The authors combine extensive industry, educational, research, and consulting experience to cover topics such as:The latest "best-in-class" purchasing methods, tools, procedures, and systemsPrice-cost analyses and how to fight price increasesHow to organize the purchasing department to achieve maximum value added in the supply chainGreen purchasingPurchasing risk management programs and proceduresHow to separate strategic from tactical   buyingStep-by-step checklists for major purchasing functionsHow to overcome obstaclesForecasting methods for   demand managementHow to transform the purchasing department from a cost center to a value-added operationSocial responsibility and ethical issuesPlanning steps and basic management skillsPreparation for relevant certification programs

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  • Paginas: 679
  • Edición: 2011
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN 9780071770613

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