A renowned genealogy expert reveals how to mine the global wealth of digital and print ancestry recordsFully updated to cover social networking, new census data, and the latest research tools, How to Do Everything: Genealogy, Third Edition, successfully addresses the different available record types and both traditional and electronic research   strategies in a comprehensive way. The book explores basic rules of genealogical evidence, evaluation of source materials, and research methods, and includes extensive guidance for using the fastest-growing segments of genealogical research tools: the Internet and social   networking.How to Do Everything: Genealogy, Third EditionAddresses global resources for English-speaking researchers and includes resources from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and AustraliaFilled with illustrations   of document examplesShows you how to combine traditional genealogical research methods, electronic resources, and social networking to achieve successful resultsCovers everything from the library to the courthouse, the census to the cemetery, and the Internet-based databases to message boards, mailing lists, and online webinarsFeatures a new, full chapter on social networkingContains updated chapters on newly released and forthcoming census records, the acceleration of records digitization, and how blogs, podcasts, and videocasts can be used by genealogistsIn-depth coverage:Why Explore Your Genealogy; Organize and Create Your Family Tree; Balance Traditional and Electronic Research; Social Networking s Value for Genealogy Research; Place Your Ancestors into Context and Locate   Vital Records; Use Census Schedules and Records to Locate Your Ancestors; Extend Your Research with Advanced Record Types; Locate Use the Wide Variety of Military Records; Understand and Use Land and Property Records; Locate and Use Immigration and Naturalization Records; Discover Where to Locate Documents about Your Family; Learn the Tricks of Successful Internet   Searches; Research and Verify Your Ancestors Using Genetic Genealogy (DNA); Follow Alternative Paths to Locate Different Records; Case Study: A Case Study Using Traditional and Electronic Resources and Methods

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  • Edición: 2012
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN 9780071780841

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