"Bryan Collins explores the common problem of emotional unavailability from an original, practical, and non-judgemental perspective.  This book offers usable solutions to this   human dilemma."Michael Share, Psy.D.,   L.P."Emotional Unavailability is   an innotive look at ho a person's emotional style impacts his or her relationship patterns.  The book goes beyond definitions of the various styles to provide techniques and tools for change."James W. Keenan, M.S., L.P., Director Power of Relationships, PA"I kept falling into stories that sounded uncomfortably like some that litter my own personal landscape."Trudi HahnMinneapolis Star Tribune"Bryn Collins examines the reasons we get into painful, frustrating relationships, and how we can make positive changes without blaming ourselves."Gerrie E. SummersToday's Black WomanIn this groundbreaking book, psychologist Bryn Collins opens up the discussion about life with an emotionally unavailable person.  Using case studies, quizzes, and jargon-free, easy-to-understand concepts, she profiles the mos common types of emotionally unavailable partners, then offers the skills you need to change these painful associations.  Based on her extensive clinical experience, she offers ways to recognize "toxic types" before you get too deeply involved, and she gives the emotionally unavailable partner techniques that teach how to connect with anothe person.

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  • Paginas: 221
  • Edición: 1998
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN 9780809229147

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