The Common Symptom Guide, Sixth Edition


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Instantly diagnose 100 of the most commonly seen symptoms in adults and children!"This is a book of lists to help inexperienced healthcare providers hone their skill at progressing from symptoms to a differential diagnosis to treatment decisions. This is a necessary step in a students development and this book goes a long way in assisting in this process. 3 Stars."--Doodys Review ServiceThe Common Symptom Guide is the most trusted and easy-to-use reference for quickly and accurately evaluating and treating patients based on presenting symptoms. The Guide includes lists of pertinent questions, physical findings, and differential diagnosis for more than 100 of the most common adult and pediatric symptoms so you can instantly diagnose and treat the complaint. Turn to The Common Symptom Guide forimportant guidelines on:Patient and family history Physical examination Diagnostic considerations Medications Environmental historyPlus...Outstanding indexing and cross-referencing to help you quickly arrive at a diagnosisIncreased number of evidence-based medicine references Updated medical information throughout More references to key websites Additional information on the authors website ( that provides valuable patient education material

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  • Edición: 2009
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