Create and dominate new markets to escape commoditization and spur business growth!New markets are your best shot at growth, but to win them you ll need the right toolkit. Drawing on dozens of industry interviews, in-the-trenches personal experience, and extensive research, this book lays out how companies can find, enter, and win in new markets--and organize themselves to tackle the mission successfully. Combining a fast-moving narrative with practical insight, Capturing New Markets upends traditional approaches with the kind of counterintuitive strategies that are necessary to meet the unique challenge of new markets. You ll learn how to:Leverage new markets to turbo charge your company s growth engineSpot opportunities to create new marketsAssess the growth prospects and viability of markets that dont yet existTarget a new market s first customersChoose between two major alternatives to sales channelsTime market entry to be either a first mover or a fast followerTackle emerging markets profitablyEnable large companies to approach new markets nimblyCatalyze the growth of new markets through public policyThrough more than 150 examples, ranging from Roman Egypt to current headlines, Capturing New Markets shows how to beat the odds and grow in any economy.

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  • Paginas: 223
  • Edición: 2011
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN DDD0071767444

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