The industry standard- fully updated to keep you current on Obama's healthcare reform For nearly two decades, benefits professionals have depended on The Handbook of Employee Benefits for up-to-date, authoritative answers to their healthcare questions. Covering everything from general objectives, costs, and implementation, this classic reference has been updated for today's transformed, new-economy workplace. The new healthcare reform bill introduces major changes to how employee benefits plans are designed and administered, and how costs can be controlled. This edition explains it all, as well as new domestic partnership policies, more competitive retirement plans, and more. Table of Contents Part One: The Environment of Employee Benefit PlansChapter 1: The Environment of Employee Benefit PlansChapter 2: Functional Approach to Designing and Evaluating Employee BenefitsChapter 3: Risk Concepts and Employee Benefit PlansPart Two: Medical and Other Health BenefitsChapter 4: Evolving Health Plan DesignsChapter 5: Managing and Measuring Care Management Intervention ProgramsChapter 6: Health Care Cost ContainmentChapter 7: Consumer-Driven Health PlansChapter 8: Dental Plan DesignChapter 9: Prescription Drug PlansChapter 10: Managed Behavioral Health Care BenefitsChapter 11: Long-Term Care InsuranceChapter 12: Disability Income BenefitsPart Three: Life Insurance BenefitsChapter 13: Group Life Insurance PlansChapter 14: Applications/uses of life insurancePart Four: Work/Life BenefitsChapter 15: Work/Life BenefitsChapter 16: Time-Off Benefits and Family and Medical Leave ProgramsChapter 17: Dependent Care ProgramsChapter 18: Selectied Additional BenefitsChapter 19: Financial Planning as an Employee BenefitPart Five: Social Insurance ProgramsChapter 20: Social Security and MedicareChapter 21: Workers' CompensationChapter 22: Fundamentals of Unemployement CompensationPart Six: Employee Benefit Plan AdministrationChapter 23: Employee Benefit Plan ManagementChapter 24: Cafeteria Plan Design and AdministrationChapter 25: Fiduciary Liability Issues Under ERISAChapter 26: Communicating Employee Benefits ProgramsPart Seven: Group and Health Benefit Plan Financial ManagementChapter 27: Federal Tax Law Requirements for Group Welfare Benefit PlansChapter 28: Alternative Insured Funding ArrangementsChapter 29: Self-Funded Arrangements and Captive Insurance CompaniesPart Eight: Employee Benefit Plan IssuesChapter 30: Welfare Benefits for ReitreesChapter 31: Small Company BenefitsChapter 32: Multi-Employer PlansChapter 33: Health Care QualityChapter 34: The Globalization of Employee BenefitsChapter 35: Health Care Reform

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