Proven Trading Techniques for Lowering Risk and Increasing ProfitsIn Mastering Trade Selection and Management,market strategist Jay Norris provides provenstrategies for generating profits on a consistentbasis under all economic conditions. The secretlies not in predicting the market but rather in carefullymanaging your trade from beginning to end.Norris gives you step-by-step instructions for selectinga market to trade, and determining whichdirection to trade the market, what to look forprior to trading, and when to enter and exit atrade. Mastering Trade Selection and Managementtakes the guesswork out of trading by showingyou how to:Measure the effects employment,government interest-rate policy, andconsumer confi dence have on a marketDetermine what levels need to bebreached to signal a change of trendImplement a monitoring systemto gauge when the current trend isholding or changingAnalyze markets down to an intradaylevel to identify historical support andresistance levelsAvoid emotional pitfalls that might leadyou to make poor decisions such asexiting a trade too early or failing topull the trigger on a trade signalNorris s simple five-step system for trading willmake you a more consistent and profitable trader.Using the wealth of graphs, charts, and tradingexamples inside, you can research, set up, and testyour trades in order to fine-tune them for the realworld. You risk no money and qualify yourself tomake more trades that are lucrative.From planning to execution to exit, the blueprintsto the fine art of trading are now in your handswith Mastering Trade Selection and Management.

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