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Tired of the stock market's ups and downs? Get off "The Wall Street" roller coaster with strategic dividend investing! "Peris is way out in front of the Wall Street pack. His book makes a case for dividend-driven investing that no one in this back-to-basics era should ignore." (Josh Peters, Editor, "The Morningstar Dividend Investor"). "Peris is a leading portfolio manager in the dividend investing space, and his results and insights add tremendous value to any portfolio. Whether you're an individual investor or an institution portfolio manager, "The Strategic Dividend Investor" is an absolute must read in this challenging market environment." (Don Dion, President, Dion Money Management, and Editor, "The Fidelity Independent Adviser"). "In this lively and persuasive polemic, Daniel Peris forcefully reminds us what equity investing is really all about: Show me the money!" (Ian Kennedy, former Director of Research, Cambridge Associates). Rather than trying to play "Wall Street's" game of predicting what the stock market will do tomorrow, investors need to focus on dividends as the key to long-term investment success. Instead of speculating on share price movements - and getting whipsawed in the process - investors should use the stock market to create a steady stream of cash dividends coming from a portfolio of stable and profitable enterprises. "The Strategic Dividend Investor" shows you how to do it in a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand manner. This title helps you learn how to benefit from the stock market rather than being buffeted by its gyrations; understand why dividends are the key to long-term total return from the stock market; use dividend reinvestment to build an impressive nest egg; and, come to appreciate how a dividend-focused portfolio anchored in cash payments can act as a cushion in volatile markets. There's a big difference between investing in the stock market and investing in companies through the stock market.

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