The companion review book to the gold standard text in obstetricsNow in full color!Williams Obstetrics 23rd Edition Study Guide is the only study guide in the world that is keyed to the field's premier text, Williams Obstetrics, 23e.Perfect for certification and recertification or as a clincial refresher, the book features 1700+ evidence-based multiple-choice questions covering every major topic in clinical obstetrics.FeaturesThe study guide's 1700+ evidence-based multiple choice questions combine straight Q&A with clinical vignettes that test readers on both their factual knowledge and decision-making skillsAnswer key cites the page numbers in Williams Obstetrics for in-depth discussion and further readingOrganization follows chronology of pregnancy, from Maternal and Fetal Anatomy and Physiology to Labor and Delivery, with additional sections on the Fetus and Newborn, Puerperium, Obsetetrical Complications, and Medical and Surgical complicationsNEW four-color designContent keyed to the the classic Williams Obstetrics, 23e Section I: Overview; Overview of Obstetrics; Section II: Maternal and Fetal Anatomy and Physiology; Maternal Anatomy; Implantation, Embryogenesis, and Placental Development; Fetal Growth and Development; Maternal Physiology; Parturition; Section III: Antepartum; Preconceptional Counseling; Prenatal Care; Abortion; Ectopic Pregnancy; Gestational Trophoblastic Disease; Genetics; Prenatal Diagnosis and Fetal Therapy; Teratology and Medications that Affect the Fetus; Antepartum Assessment; Fetal Imaging; Section IV: Labor and Delivery; Normal Labor and Delivery; Chapter 17. Intrapartum Assessment; Obstetrical Anesthesia; Abnormal Labor; Disorders of Amniotic Fluid Volume; Labor Induction; Forceps Delivery and Vacuum Extraction; Breech Presentation and Delivery; Cesarean Delivery and Peripartum Hysterectomy; Prior Cesarean Delivery; Abnormalities of the Placenta, Umbilical Cord, and Membranes; Section V: Fetus and Newborn; The Newborn Infant; Diseases and Injuries of the Fetus and Newborn; Section VI: Puerperium; The Puerperium; Puerperal Infection; Contraception; Sterilization; Section VII: Obstetrical Complications; Pregnancy Hypertension; Obstetrical Hemorrhage; Preterm Birth; Postterm Pregnancy; Fetal Growth Disorders; Multifetal Gestation; Reproductive Tract Abnormalities; Section VIII: Medical and Surgical Complications; General Considerations and Maternal Evaluation; Critical Care and Trauma; Obesity; Cardiovascular Disease; Chronic Hypertension; Pulmonary Disorders; Thromboembolic Disorders; Renal and Urinary Tract Disorders; Gastrointestinal Disorders; Hepatic, Gallbladder, and Pancreatic Disorders; Hematological Disorders; Diabetes; Thyroid and Other Endocrine Disorders; Connective-Tissue Disorders; Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders; Dermatological Disorders; Neoplastic Disorders; Infectious Diseases; Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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