The Most Complete Guide to the 2011 NECThoroughly revised and expanded to reflect changes in the 2011 NEC, McGraw-Hill s National Electrical Code 2011 Handbook, 27th Edition provides authoritative guidance and analysis to help you accurately interpret 2011 NEC rules. The book also alerts you to matters that will be areas of discussion with inspectors. Designed as an essential companion to the 2011 NEC book published by the National Fire Protection Association, this resource includes more than 1,000 diagrams and photos to supplement the material covered. Details on the background and rationale for specific Code rules facilitate an in-depth understanding of the meaning and application of those rules. This must-have on-the-job reference helps your work pass inspection the first time.Searchable e-book is available free for download with purchase of book.Coverage of every NEC article, including:Requirements for electrical installationsBranch circuits, feeders, grounding, bonding, and overcurrent protectionWiring methods, cables, conduits, tubing, and racewaysFixture wires, switches, appliances, generators, capacitors, and storage batteriesHazardous locations, health care facilities, agricultural buildings, temporary installations, and other locationsElectrical vehicle charging systems, IT equipment, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, and small wind electric systemsEmergency systems, interconnected electric power production sources, and critical operations power systems (COPS)Communications circuits, radio and television equipment, and broadband communications systemsAnd much more

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  • Edición: 2011
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