Safely maintain and operate rigging equipmentRigging Equipment: Maintenance and Safety Inspection Manual is a must-have for rigging contractors, facility managers, and equipment operators. Featuring regulations, standards, guidelines, and recommendations applicable to critical lifts, this practical guide provides maintenance and safety inspection checklists for rigging equipment, components, and systems, and addresses the required training, planning, and documentation. The safe rigging practices recommended in this book are framed in general terms to accommodate the many variations in rigging practices.Coverage includes:Operating rules--rigging hazards, OSHA regulations, consensus standards, and industry guidelinesOperator qualifications, safe operating practices, and operating proceduresPlanning and preparation before performing riggingLifting and hoisting equipment and rigging and scaffolding systemsLadders, stairways, ramps, hand and power tools, and electrical systemsMaintenance schedules, care, and safe operation of equipmentInspection checklists for rigging equipment before, during, and after useTesting, certification, and registration of rigging equipmentPreventive maintenance recordkeeping based on equipment manufacturer's recommendationsProper use of personal safety and protective equipment

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  • Paginas: 254
  • Edición: 2010
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN DDD0071719482

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