The state of the art in antenna design and engineeringEdited by one of the world's foremost authorities on smart antennas and featuring contributions from global experts, Frontiers in Antennas discusses the latest advances in antenna design and engineering. This pioneering guide deals primarily with frontier antenna designs and frontier numerical methods. Many of the concepts presented have emerged within the last few years and are still in a rapid state of development. Each chapter provides in-depth details on a unique and modern antenna technology.Frontiers in Antennas covers:Ultra-wideband antenna arrays using fractal, polyfractal, and aperiodic geometriesSmart antennas using evolutionary signal processing methodsThe latest developments in Vivaldi antenna arraysEffective media models applied to artificial magnetic conductors and high impedance surfacesNovel developments in metamaterial antennasBiological antenna design methods using genetic algorithmsContact and parasitic methods applied to reconfigurable antennasAntennas in medicine: ingestible capsule antennas using conformal meandered methodsLeaky-wave antennasPlasma antennas which can electronically appear and disappearNumerical methods in antenna modeling using time, frequency, and conformal domain decomposition methods

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  • Paginas: 434
  • Edición: 2011
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN DDD0071637931

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