In-depth details on kilowatt level high-power lasers and their commercial, industrial, and military applicationsHigh Power Laser Handbook introduces the physics and engineering of high-power laser sources as well as their most relevant applications. This work provides a useful and up-to-date reference by compiling, in a single source, a description of the state of the art across a broad range of laser technologies. The book emphasizes phenomenology over first principles derivations to streamline the presentation and enable discussion of applications.High Power Laser HandbookIs edited by three engineers from industry leader Northrop GrummanPresents thorough physical principles of high-power lasersIncludes all types of high-power lasers including gas lasers, chemical lasers, free electron lasers, semiconductor lasers, and SSLCovers typical performance parameters for each major class of lasers and what constitutes high power for a particular classFeatures examples of real-world applicationsThe state of the art of high-power lasers:General Principles of Lasers; Gas Lasers; Chemical Lasers; Free Electron Lasers; Semiconductor Lasers; Solid State Lasers; Fiber Lasers; Beam Combining; Nonlinear Processes and Wavelength Conversion

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  • Edición: 2011
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