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A definitive and practical guide to residential and commercial geothermal HVACGeothermal HVAC: Green Heating and Cooling covers the fast-growing field of geothermal air conditioning and heating technology and all of its peripherals, in both the commercial and residential sectors. You ll get details on the vast array of choices currently available on the market, so you can take advantage of this emerging money- and energy-saving technology. The book is co-written by Jay Egg, who has 20 years of direct experience and accreditation in providing geothermal systems, and Brian Clark Howard, a Web editor, author, and environmental blogger. You ll learn what type of systems will likely work in a particular area, as well as what pricing to expect for a particular efficiency and quality.Geothermal HVAC: Green Heating and Cooling:Explains the science and principles of heat transfer, convection, and infraredIdentifies how to pair the best systems for each application and budgetLists market values for systems based on varying options and conditionsIncludes information on all the domestic and international tax rebates and stimulus packages available for implementing geothermal.Contains coupons for discounts on geothermal products and servicesPractical coverage of geothermal HVAC:How geothermal works; Components of a system; What can be heated/cooled with geothermal/earth coupled systems; Types and sizes of heating and cooling systems; Types of geothermal heat pumps; Which kind of geothermal system is best for which application; Load calculations; What should it cost to have a geothermal system installed; System designs; what works, and what doesn't; What is my EER, really; Net positive cash flow... or how to calculate a payback; Federal and local tax incentives and rebates; Lifecycles and longevity

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