Biological and chemical methods for nitrogen and phosphorus removal from wastewaterFrom the Water Environment Federation, Nutrient Removal deals specifically with the process fundamentals of biological and chemical nitrogen and phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment plants. The book begins with an overview of the effects of nitrogen and phosphorus on the environment, then goes into specific sections on nitrogen and phosphorus removal. Chapters on modeling and troubleshooting nitrogen and phosphorus removal systems are included. This authoritative guide addresses these issues from both a biological and chemical perspective and offers a focused resource for nutrient removal fundamentals, modeling, and troubleshooting.Nutrient RemovalProvides the latest standard practice methods for biological and chemical nitrogen and phosphorus removalDiscusses environmental and regulatory issuesCovers troubleshooting and modelingExplains ammonia removalIncludes SI units and U.S. customary unitsComprehensive coverage of nutrient removal from wastewater:Nutrients and Their Effect on the Environment; Regulation of Nutrients in the Effluents of Wastewater Treatment Plants; Overview of Nutrient Removal Processes; Principles of Biological Nitrogen Removal; Ammonia Removal; Nitrogen Removal; Dewatering Sidestream Treatment; Principals of Chemical and Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal; Chemical Phosphorus Removal; Biological Phosphorous Removal; Structured Process Models for Nutrient Removal; Troubleshooting for Full Scale Nutrient Removal Facilities; Nutrient Removal by Aquatic Natural Treatment Systems

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