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100 PHP power solutions in one handy guideThis practical resource contains 100 ready-to-run PHP plug-ins you can use to create dynamic Web content. The book begins by showing you how to install, configure, and use a powerful web development environment. Then, each chapter in Plug-In PHP offers complete, working examples for specific end results you can achieve right away. In this time-saving tool, all of the code is extensively documented along with tips for adapting it for your own requirements.Get ready-made PHP plug-ins for:Text processingImage handlingContent managementForms and user inputInternet integrationChat and messagingMySQL, sessions, and cookiesAPIs, RSS, and XMLJavaScript and AjaxGeo-locationSpelling and language translationAnd much moreDownload all of the book's plug-ins at www.pluginphp.comRobin Nixon has worked with and written about computers since the early 1980s. He has written several books and more than 500 articles for leading computer magazines.

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