IKEA, El Bulli, Apple, Bausch & Lomb, Coca-Cola... These are just a few of the brands that have “got it.” Every company that really stands out has this “certain something” in common. That being said, talking about something that does not have a name is tantamount to allowing that it may not exist. For this reason, the authors have named it; they call it a dream. Today, a company can only truly stand out if it has a dream – a shared dream with the capacity to touch us all. The potential of a dream has no limits, and any brand – as small as it may be – can stand out by chasing its dream. A dream can be found behind any activity, as mundane as it may seem. Through success stories that provide excellent opportunities for learning, the authors help us to uncover and communicate our dream and to share it with everyone who, in one way or another, comes into contact with our company.

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