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Most people recognize that Arthur Andersen was a great Firm. For the authors,it was perhaps the greatest. Its fulminating, unexpected and shamefulcollapse, with the Enron case and ensuing disappearance from the market,leaving a cloud of local professional firms, has left in the collective memorya totally negative image, erasing any earlier merits as if they never existed.Written by two former Arthur Andersen partners, this book recovers thosemerits, the authentic "Andersen Culture", that did many well-done things formany years, in many countries, with many satisfied clients. Vindicates tobring back certain values and practices of the entrepreneurial model that madeof Arthur Andersen an admired and successful Firm, and to leave it as legacyto future generations.After an introductory chapter, that goes briefly through the Arthur Andersenhistory, the book is organized in three main parts: I. The Seven Columns orBasic Principles of the Andersen Model, II. Turning Principles into Practiceand III. The Decomposition of the Model.

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