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IT' S COMING! 1983-2013 Women Artists and Teachers at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Salamanca is an initiative of the Research Institute in Art and Animation Technologies of the University of Salamanca (ATA). This is a collective exhibition which encases the work of 10 women artists whose workplace was or still is the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Salamanca. These women embody the connection between the artistic and the academic worlds, two entities operating in widely different spheres, but which have two very important traits in common. First of all the fact that belonging to any of these fields involves almost unlimited dedication. The second factor is that, traditionally, both have been dominated by men.In fact, the IT' S COMING! exhibition was the result of two well-thought efforts to give more visibility to the presence of women in academia and the art world. On the academic side, this was represented by a study on the access, evolution and contributions of women in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Salamanca. lt is part of a wider research project on women in universities of the region of Castie and Leon and of Spain which compares their situation with that of women in European universities.On the artistic side, the exhibition is part of the national festival Women's Gazes (Miradas de Mujeres). This festival is an initiative of the MAV association (Women in the Visual Arts), an interprofessional association of state scope in the field of plastic arts in Spain which works to promote the objectives of real and effective equality of women and man in all fields, both public and private, related to visual arts. The Women's Gazes festival enhances visibility of and recognition to women artist and it promotes women's rights and equality.

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