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Michelle Winston is ready to finalize her divorce from her domineering husband Brad.  She and her friends Stephanie and Alicia decide to enjoy a few weeks on remote Bear Island.  The private island had been Brad’s hunting retreat, but Michelle had gained possession of it in a preliminary property settlement.  The young women are taken by surprise during their first night on the island when they are carried away by three strong men to a large sea plane.  The women awake to find themselves in an underground room.  They are stripped and informed that they have been taken by The New Viking Order and will be trained to serve as submissive wives for three of the group’s warriors.  The women’s training follows a pattern of escalating bondage, harsh discipline and sexual domination.  Each of the naked beauties is systematically left sexually frustrated after intense arousal.  After weeks of captivity, Michelle takes advantage of a rare opportunity to escape. Instead finding freedom, she meets a mysterious woman named Rebecca.  Michelle believes that she is safe and accompanies Rebecca to her small cabin in the dense woods.  At first Rebecca hides Michelle from a group of male searchers.  When the men leave, Rebecca binds Michelle and begins to use her for her own pleasure.  The men return and catch Rebecca in the act of abusing Michelle and return the women to the village.  Stephanie and Michelle are ultimately sent to new and demanding masters.

  • Formato: EPUB
  • Protección: Adobe DRM
  • Limitaciones: Compartir: Permitido según las limitaciones (6 Dispositivos)
  • Editorial: PINK FLAMINGO
  • Edición: 2013
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN 9781937831356

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