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This book is meant to challenge. It is often controversial, even something of a whistleblower and, being radical, doesn’t settle for the status quo as author Henry Field speaks against the terrible times we live in. It is about dealing with life and death, and all that means in joy and heartache. Consider the realities of such with both the physical and spiritual supernatural sides of life, something of how they interact between good versus evil, right and wrong, and the intense and desperate warfare we are locked into here on Planet Earth, as well as the Divine judgment we are under. Where each of us stands regarding these matters is of paramount importance, as it affects life now and on life’s other side. From 1961, after experiencing some hell on earth in my earlier years, the author was determined to search, seek, sift, ask questions, and find the meaning of life. By 1968, he found LIFE in his Maker, Father God, through His Messiah Son and got the big picture, becoming a radical in living for Him within the framework of His wonderful, powerful love that He gives to us. It is all about the Truth, and the Truth alone will set us free. The book consists of three parts: the author’s autobiography; tying it in with the condition of the world, the church, etc.; and further information of interest including his late father’s survival on the troopship Lancastria, in the world’s worst single maritime disaster in June 1940.

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  • Edición: 2014
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  • ISBN 9781905553747

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