Obama - President & Kahuna?


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This book is no political book. It explains in its first part the ancient Polynesian traditions of Huna and its Seven Principles, Ho´oponopono, Ohana, Talk-Story and Dragon-Dreaming and shows how to use them in our modern times. In its second part it raises the question if President Obama, can be seen as a Kahuna, an expert in his field. Not only because of his Hawaiian descent, but also because of using – consciously or unconsciously - many elements of the Polynesian traditions in his speeches and books.Kreutzer has analyzed Obama´s books and more than forty speeches by Barack Obama. He relates the results to the Seven Huna-Principles, Ho´oponopono, Ohana, Dragon-Dreaming and other Polynesian elements and shows that Barack Obama embodies a new type of leader. The book illustrates that words and messages, stripped bare of political meanings and brought into right context, are timeless and can better our lives, families, communities and our entire world – if we only would listen.

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