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There is a popular phrase used in reference to yoga: One of the reasons for practicing yoga asana, or posture, is that a flexible body leads to a flexible mind. This health and fitness book offers a new healing look at how yoga can reshape and influence a rigid way of thinking into a supple, flexible way of thinking and being, even as it promotes pain management. The reality is that you can meet the most toned, honed, and flexible practitioner of yoga asana, who also happens to be very superficially focused on the body and the ego, while being very stuck in repeating unhealthy patterns of behaviour. Or you know a dear, loving friend who can't touch her toes but devotes her life to helping others. Stiffness does not denote a rigid mind! Our bodies are porous vessels that carry an emotional, subtle body, as well as the physical form that we see. The goal of practicing yoga asana is not to do what perfect, seemingly fabulous people can do. The point is to work with your very specific body structure and shape in order to learn all about your own body and self. The goal is to be able to look in the mirror and say, "I love you, you are trying, and you are perfect. You are one with the universe and our beautiful planet."

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