An Extraordinarily Quirky Anthology Of The Uncanny And Rum

The random musings and observations from a schizophrenic mind


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Who but "Penfold Dax" could write a collection of poetry titled An extraordinarily quirky anthology of the uncanny and rum: The random musings and observations from a schizophrenic mind? According to Penfold: "I started writing poetry a few years ago as a tool to help me manage the effects of schizophrenia. This method of utilizing occupational practices to aid my coping abilities is called occupational therapy and it is widely used in the field of mental health care. At first I started writing just for personal reasons, and I only saw it as a personal hobby to aid my own health. I found that writing or any form of artistic expression was extremely affective in doing so. Over a period of time I developed my own personal style, and after receiving very positive feedback from the people that I showed my work to, I decided to take writing poetry more seriously, resulting in the collection in this book." An extraordinarily quirky anthology presents a collection of poetry with both a serious and humorous take on a wide range of random subjects. You will discover many colorful characters in the book, including Fredrick Brumble, Col. Switherskew, Shadow man, Stan the waffling man, and many more in humorous, awkward, and bizarre situations and circumstances. You will also discover the serious side of life as well as mental illness issues and matters of the heart. Yes, the book is quirky! It will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, but drop you off safely at the end.

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  • Edición: 2014
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  • ISBN 9781628573589

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