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My Sanctuary: A Place I Call Home captures the desperate need of orphaned chimpanzees and how they find love and a new life at Chimp Eden. The perfect gift for every child. I love this book. - Jane Goodall PhD, DBE , Founder - the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace Time is precious for the remaining chimpanzees left in the wild. In the enlightening and compelling My Sanctuary: A Place I Call Home - The Mission, Joao, granddad chimp of the sanctuary, finds that it is time to pass the "voice" on to another, in order to continue the mission of teaching about the chimps’ lives and the plight of the great apes. Now Jessica, a 30-year-old female chimp, carries on the stories that will hopefully change the way people feel about chimpanzees being used in entertainment and kept as pets. Many more stories of daring rescues and new lives populate the unforgettable pages of My Sanctuary: A Place I Call Home - The Mission. The book, the second in a series, embodies the spirit of the Jane Goodall Institute of South Africa

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