For a better understanding of the Shari’a, read Muhammad Rasulullah and the People of the Book: His benevolence, kindness, large-heartedness, and quest for peace. The Heavenly Scriptures drew the attention of Mankind that there was a period when man was not even mentioned. He was later created by a Supreme Power and Command after all his needs were made available in a perfect and complete form. Man was created and given intellect and the power to discriminate. This enabled him to be given laws and thus to be governed. If mankind obeys the command of his Lord, he will flourish and enjoy. If he disobeys the Lord, he will be punished. Mankind’s intellect and ability to choose and refuse, repent and be upright, puts him under the Mercy and Forgiveness of his Lord within a fixed period. Whatever happens to man is his own responsibility, for he has been guided. The physical world is a proof and evidence, a sign from the Lord that man is not created to live in isolation with His Law. Above all, this book of knowledge is about understanding other cultures and achieving peace.

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