The Second Edition of Confidence: Reliance on the Spirit, The Innocence and Resilience of Youth is a gripping story of the irrepressible Lilia Faith Christian, which will thrill tweens and teens alike. “What are you trying to do Jimmy, kill me?” thirteen-year-old Lilia screeched at the top of her lungs when sixteen-year-old Jimmy pitched the softball directly at her head. She heard the whirring of air around the ball as it picked up velocity, and leaned backwards to avoid it as the ball flew past within an inch of her nose. “This is supposed to be for fun, not for blood!” Lilia squalled at him. For years, Jimmy had been the nemesis of her life. He pestered her any chance he had for whatever reason he could find. He’s probably just trying to get back at me for sitting on him and holding his hands in the dirt last spring, speculated Lilia. However, Jimmy had grown six inches during the summer, and now stood a head above Lilia! Her father’s fateful words rang in her ears, “Someday that boy will be twice as big as you, and he’ll definitely remember that you bullied him and then what will you do?” Lilia and Jimmy attempt to understand each other, but they don’t always agree. This is a buoyant and adventurous story of reconciliation, friendship, faith, and self-discovery in the tender hearts of youth.

  • Formato: EPUB
  • Protección: Adobe DRM
  • Limitaciones: Compartir: Permitido según las limitaciones (6 Dispositivos)
  • Editorial: ELOQUENT BOOKS
  • Edición: 2014
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • ISBN 9781618977465

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